I received a BA (2011) and an MA (2015) in English Language Teaching from Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). I am currently a PhD candidate in the same program.

After receiving my BA degree, I worked at Kempeleen kirkonkylan koulu (Kempele, Finland) for a year as a Comenius Assistant and a teacher of English. I have been working as an EFL instructor in the Department of Foreign Languages at TOBB University of Economics and Technology (Ankara, Turkey) since 2013. During my time at TOBB ETU, I worked in Curriculum Development Unit (2014-2016), Extracurricular Activities Unit (2016-2018), and Professional Development Unit (2018 -). My professional training focused on teacher education and development through my involvement in Train the Trainer by Cambridge English (2018), Professional Development for Teacher Trainers by Arizona State University (2019), Standard Training of Trainers in SIT TESOL Certificate Course by School of International Training (2020), and Training for Trainers by TESOL International Association (2020).

I am a member of TESOL International Association (TESOL), International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL Turkey), and English Language Teacher Education Research (ELTER).